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Critical Illness

Critical Illness plans provide a lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with one of several serious illnesses. You can use the money to seek expert medical treatment or a world cruise. It's your choice how you wish to use the money. With serious health care issues in Ontario, these plans are growing more popular. People want the ability to choose the best health care available. Critical illness coverage provides you with the funds to be able to make those choices.  As these plans can vary greatly, please consult your financial advisor for contract details.
Long Term Care insurance provides funds after completing a waiting period should a client require assistance with the activities of daily living or supervision due to cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's Disease. This insurance helps cover the cost of care and prevents the depletion of other assets or having to rely on family or government benefits. Your financial advisor can provide you with details regarding the specifics of this product.


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